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Florida Fly Fishing Charters in Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St. Petersburg

Clearwater Florida Fishing Charters

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on the shallow waters of Tampa Bay
Saltwater Inshore/Flats Fishing.  We offer Fly, Artificial and LIVE BAIT Fishing the waters of  TAMPA BAY, CLEARWATER, CLEARWATER BEACH and ST. PETERSBURG FL.

AND GUIDE SERVICE - Fly Fishing Florida.
We offer private 4, 6, and 8 hour trips leaving early in the morning.  Afternoon trips can be arranged to meet your schedule.  You will fish from a 20' Backcountry 201 Proguide flats boat with a 150hp. Mercury Optimax outboard.  Only the finest rods and reels by St. Croix, Quantum, Sage, Abel, G-Loomis, Redbone, and Shimano are used.
Redfish, Snook and Spotted Sea Trout are the most common catches in the waters from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs.  During your trip you will see a variety of wildlife such as Porpoise, Manatees, Sharks, Pelicans, Roseate Spoonbills, Blue Heron, Ibis and Ospreys. Clearwater is the home of Winter the Dolphin and Dolphin are seen on almost every trip.
Everything is included.  From the beginner to the most experienced fishing instructions are included.  All types of fishing are available from live bait, artificial jigs and flyfishing.  We can fillet and bag your catch back at the dock or practice catch and release.
I grew up in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay area and have fished the waters from Clearwater north to Tarpon Springs for 45 years.  My earliest fishing memories are watching my father castnet for mullet in western Tampa bay near Allen's Creek back in the mid 60's.  As a teenager I would wade fish the Dunedin Causeway and Honeymoon Island area just north of Clearwater. Sand Key, just south of Clearwater Beach was also a favorite place of mine to fish in the early 70's.  Several of my local guide buddies weren't even born yet.
Staying in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co. or Tampa Bay area?  Visiting Clearwater to see Winter the Dolphin? Take a private Dolphin viewing trip in the home waters of Winter the Dolphin. Try a day of inshore Clearwater fishing.  I will work very hard to make your Tampa Bay Florida area fishing trip enjoyable.  Call me today to reserve your day of fishing.

Reel Florida Adventures
Fishing Charters and Guide Service
Fly Fishing Florida
Clearwater/Tampa Bay
St. Petersburg Florida
Capt. Paul Hajash
Phone: (727) 251-2623
Call now to reserve your day
 on the shallow waters of Tampa Bay.

 Clearwater Florida fishing reports

Tampa Bay fishing reports 


December Fishing Report  We are at the peek of winter time trout fishing in the Clearwater area.  While poling the shallow flats of the eastern shoreline I have spotted several schools of large female "Gator" trout over 25 inches and I am sure full of roe.
June  Fishing Report 

   Hello Everyone.  This June continues to provide great Tarpon fishing in the Clearwater and St. Petersburg, FL area.  The Tarpon have arrived in great numbers and have been around since April.  We are targeting these large fish along the beaches and bridges of Tampa Bay using large Scaled Sardines and Threadfins for bait.  Small Blue or Pass Crabs also work well.

   My good friends, Mike and Chick, from Virginia had great success this June at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  They boated their largest Tarpon to date, estimated at 170 – 180 lbs.  This large female fish ate a Threadfin near the slack tide stage.  A couple Bottlenose Dolphin were pestering us just prior to the Tarpon biting.  For a few years now the Dolphin have learned to grab our baits and slowly pull the fish from the hook.  The Skyway Bridge is the only place I have seen this behavior from Dolphin.

   Several nice Gag Grouper were landed and released while fishing for Tarpon at the bridge.  At the time I was wishing it was July so we could take home a few Grouper fillets.  Cobia and large Spanish Mackerel were also a by-catch while Tarpon fishing.  

   I have several repeat clients coming to town just to fish for these powerful fish.  If you see a group of boats Tarpon fishing along the beaches please cruise by slowly keeping a good distance away.  You should approach others fishing, drifting with the wind using your trolling motor or push pole.  If you are approached by another boat fighting a large Tarpon cheer them on with hoots and thumbs-up as it could be a fish of a lifetime.   


April 25th fishing report

   Hello Everyone.  This April was a great month for fishing in Clearwater Florida.  We had a mild winter and a warm spring break which resulted in water temperatures a little warmer than usual.

   Pelagics, Spanish Mackerel and Kingfish, arrived in early March and have been around all April. Although I rarely target Kingfish, because of the flats boat, I was able to get offshore on a few calm mornings with great success.  Using a chum block and throwing live Sardines out the back of the boat was the secret to get good bite going. Kingfish and Mackerel fillets make a great fish spread.

   Large Snook are showing up at their summertime homes near the passes and sandy beaches. A few large fish, up to 37 inches, were caught this month using Threadfin Herring for bait. Some days the Snook had a severe case of lockjaw.

   Redfish have been biting well all month using cut bait along the mangrove islands at higher water levels. Also, I am looking for Redfish near small oyster bars and fresh water run-offs.  Residential docks have also produced some nice fish this month. 

   The most abundant fish this April has been Spotted Sea Trout.  On a recent trip out of St. Petersburg the two anglers caught and released over 80 fish.

Trout were schooled up in a small sandy cut, near the grass flats, that had a good tidal water flow.

             February 27th - Spotted Sea Trout remains my main target fish throughout February.  The shallow grass flats from Clearwater north to Tarpon Springs have been abundant with Speckled Trout this month.  My favorite artificial bait has been the Mister Twister Exude Dart or Gulp’s three inch shrimp on 1/8th. oz. Mission jigs. Although trout love live shrimp, you can out fish someone using shrimp with one of these jigs. You can cover more water and find more fish fan casting as you slowly drift the near shore flats.  Speckled Trout is my favorite inshore fish to take home for a fish fry.

Next month I will be turning my attention back to Redfish. The deeper residential docks with oysters and shells underneath will be a gathering place for larger fish.  I have done entire fishing trips around a few docks in the Clearwater area.

The Scaled Sardines will also be showing up inshore in March. It’s been several months since I’ve thrown the net and I am ready to get started.  See you on the water. 

     Oct. 15th was a great day for fishing the shallow waters of Clearwater FL.  Bait was plentiful on the grass flats just inside of the barrier islands passes.  I was targeting Redfish on the edges of the flats in 1 to 2 feet of water.  The fish were not schooled up but scattered about the edge waiting for the incoming water.  All three anglers today caught Redfish: the largest at 29 inches.  Mike, from Tampa, got the Inshore Slam consisting of a large Snook, Redfish and several Speckled Trout. With the lower water temps. the Snook have been migrating further inshore away from the beaches.  A few Spanish Mackerel were also mixed in with today’s catch.  This month and through November should bring excellent catches of these fast swimmers.

     July 18th.  Spotted Sea Trout remains a decent catch throughout June and July with several large fish being landed.  Miss Lydia, visiting with her father, from Alabama caught a 25 inch fish using a Scaled Sardine for bait.  Lydia also had a blast catching several Black-Tip sharks.  While several sharks were swimming around the boat, she would just lower her sardine to the nearest one and the fight would begin.  Many Tarpon were seen on this fishing trip in a deep cut near the Islands of Tampa Bay.  We had a few bites but no solid Tarpon hook-ups on this trip.

     Shark fishing should be excellent all summer long.  Late afternoon trips ending around 9 or 10pm can be scheduled in order to avoid the heat of the day.  Rock piles along the beaches will hold Redfish, Black Drum and Flounder through-out August and September.

          Tarpon were feeding mostly on Threadfin Hearing and Pass Crabs, drifting with the current, near the bridge structure.  The strong tides during the new moon phase had the best bite for Tarpon.  When the current slacked up a bit, the Grouper came up to feed.  Pulling the Grouper off the bottom and out of their rocky holes was a bit of a challenge when using spinning gear.  Therefore, give the fish a little slack line, within a few minutes the fish will swim out of the rocks and the fight will resume.  Sharks were also out in abundance on the shallow flats of Clearwater Harbor.  If you would enjoy catching sharks and watching them take your bait near the boat, reserve a fishing trip this summer.

     February remained almost as cold as January.  The best fishing days were the second or third day after a cold front had past through.  We found the Spotted Sea Trout bite was best in the afternoon after the moon started to rise.  Mike and Stacey, visiting from up north, caught several nice fish on artificial jigs near the small Islands lining the coast of Clearwater and Dunedin.  Clear, clean water was the key to finding trout as the cloudy water near the passes did not produce fish.  On February 23rd, Scott W. went fishing for his 60th Birthday.  Although, weather was not ideal - we managed to keep eight nice trout for a family fish fry.  Residential canals have been productive this month offering some protection from the cold windy days.  Steve’s friend caught a large 34 inch Redfish under a boat dock in Clearwater. He was using shrimp for bait.  March should offer warmer days and water temperatures that make fishing more pleasant.  Come on Spring!

August 4th - Hello Everyone.  This summer has been very hot with water temperatures as high as 89 degrees.  Redfish has been my most targeted fish with a few Snook mixed in.  Tarpon have been busting bait all along the beach from Clearwater to Indian Rocks. I would suggest free lining Tread-fin Herring or Pinfish down current where Tarpon are seen rolling. While Tarpon fishing be ready to tussle with a few large Black tip sharks.  On July 26th. Josh landed a large 27in. Spotted Sea Trout on a cut Pinfish head drifted with the current. Not a bad catch considering the hot summer time water. If you are visiting the Tampa Bay or Clearwater Beach area this August try your fishing skills against a large beach cruising Tarpon or Shark.  

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