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 June Fishing Report - Spotted Sea Trout are available year round but Winter is the prime season.  Art Korp landed this nice fish on the last day of his fishing vacation.

Clearwater Beach fishing

April 12th. Fishing Report - Maria was able to land her first Snook today.  She measured 35in. and weighed approx. 15lbs.

Tampa Bay fishing guide

Brian and Gonzo fished with me on this very windy Sunday morning.  They were competing in the Pediatric Cancer Foundations tournament out of the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg.  This medium sized Snook ate a Scaled Sardine.

Tampa Bay Snook Fishing
Brian's Tampa Bay Snook

Zack, Nico, Andy and Alex fished with me this Good Friday.  This large Redfish came from a small Oyster bar near high tide.  This fish and a few others were caught on cut Pinfish.

Clearwater Florida fishing guides

Matt Riesz set a record on my boat with 50 trout on the fly rod. He also achieved his Inshore Slam on this fishing trip with a large Snook and Redfish.

Tampa, Clearwater fly fishing charter

My good friend, Mike Stein, with a medium size Tarpon which he caught under the Skyway Bridge.  Mike and our friend, Chick, target Tarpon every year when they visit Florida. 

Tampa Bay Tarpon

April 6th. 2010 - Miss Brooklyn with her first Florida Redfish.  She was using cut Pinfish for bait, fishing in less than two feet of water.

Brooklyn's Clearwater Redfish

May 14th. 2009 report - Art landed this nice Snook at the edge of a large thunder storm.  The Snook was near an oyster bar just after high tide.

Clearwater Florida Snook fishing

April 19th. 2008 report - We had an outstanding day fishing on April 19th.  It started by hooking a nice 33" Snook using a large Threadfin for bait. This big guy was caught near downtown Clearwater.  A total of seventy-five Redfish were caught between the three anglers that afternoon.  What a great day fishing.
Al's Clearwater Snook
March 27, 2008 report - John Hynes had a great day fishing out of Clearwater.  This is one of twenty-five Redfish, ranging from 24"-33", caught on March 27th.  We were fishing near the mangrove islands in only three feet of water, when a large school of Redfish swam by.  It was one fish after the other for the next two hours. 
Clearwater Florida 33in. Redfish
June 2009 - The Sharks are here.  This Blacktip Shark was biting on the rope for several minutes. 
Tampa Bay area Shark Fishing
May 13th. 2009 INSHORE - This large Redfish was caught with Scaled Sardines or Pilchards.  We were fishing near the mangroves and a small oyster bar in Clearwater.  Snook, Redfish and Sea Trout were caught from this one spot.  
Tampa Bay Redfish 2009
INSHORE REPORT for May:  May is one of the best months to fish in Florida.  We are catching Tarpon, Snook, Trout, Cobia, and Mackerel on our inshore charters.  Offshore charters have been very productive also with Grouper, Bonito, Tuna, and Snapper.
Tarpon is the fish of the month.  The Tarpon trips start very early.  Getting on the water and ready to go at sunrise is very important.  Look for rollers coming up the beach with a silent intercept using a trolling motor.  Live bait cast to the approaching fish with heavy spinning gear is one method.  Plug casting and fly rods are other good options.
The Snook, Reds, and Trout are eating live sardines throughout the day.  Bait is plentiful in the bay and easily cast netted after chumming the area.  The out going tide in the afternoon will concentrate the fish in the troughs and pot holes.  
Dunedin Redfish
Dunedin Redfish
Tampa Florida Fishing Charters

 May Fishing Report - Snook were biting well on most every fishing trip. On one trip four large Snook were lost after swimming for cover into the mangroves and cutting the line.


 April Fishing Report - Doug, visiting from Nebraska, caught his first Snook today.  Although the Snook was too big to keep several Spotted Trout went home for a fish fry.

Clearwater Beach Snook fishing

December Fishing Report  We are at the peek of winter time trout fishing in the Clearwater area.  While poling the shallow flats of the eastern shoreline I have spotted several schools of large female "Gator" trout over 25 inches and I am sure full of roe. 

Clearwater Beach trout fishing

Mike Stein and Chick, from Virginia, landed this very large female Tarpon in Tampa Bay near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in June.  We estimate the Tarpon to be approx. 190lbs.


Art Korp with a large 37in. beach Snook. Of the five days Art fished with me he had four Inshore Slams.

Clearwater Beach fishing trip

Chick's 70lb. Tarpon which he fought and caught in May in Tampa Bay waters.

Tampa Bay Florida Beach Tarpon

March 10th. 2010 - Autumn's brother Steve landed this 35lb. Black Drum from the flats off Dunedin. We were fishing for Spotted Sea Trout, around the spoil Islands, when a large school of Drum swam by.


May 12, 2008 report - Art Korp holds a medium size Snook he just caught using a large Threadfin for bait.  Art fishes with me every year and is one of the best fisherman I have ever seen.  We ended the day with 35 Spotted Sea Trout up to 24 inches.
Clearwater Florida 30in. Snook
May 18, 2008 report - John had a great day fishing the outer Islands just north of Clearwater.  This is one of twenty-four caught that morning using live Sardines for bait.
Clearwater Florida Redfish
April 25, 2008 report - Tom had a good fight with this 25lb. Black Drum.  It was one of the smaller ones in a school of about eighty fish.  We then headed off the beaches of Sand Key for a few Spanish Mackerel.
Tampa Bay Black Drum
JANUARY INSHORE - Spotted Sea Trout season is now open south of Tarpon Springs.  We are catching several trout on our inshore fishing trips that range in size from 12 - 28 inches.  The majority of trout are caught using artificial jig heads weighing 1/8oz.  Tip the jigs with Mister Twister Darts or Berkley Gulp Shrimp for best results.  Large Redfish also roam the flats this time of year, like the 8lb. one pictured below.  This Red was feeding near the residential docks in Clearwater Bay. Pompanos are taking small shrimp flies near the spoil islands of Dunedin. 
Clearwater FL fishing charters
AUGUST INSHORE:  Redfish will begin to school in large numbers on the flats of Tampa Bay and Pinellas County. I look for wakes pushing across the flats and patches of nervous water.  A color change of darker gold moving your way will reveal their presence.  The best time to find redfish is when the water is low and calm.  Early morning with an incoming tide is also a prime time.  As the tide gets higher and the wind makes a chop on the water it is hard to spot them.  I prefer to fish the outboard motor exclusion areas.  You need to be as quiet as possible when stalking redfish on the flats.  A trolling motor or better yet a push pole is the only way to position your boat. Try to get out in front of the moving school of redfish after you determine their direction.
We will use 8-9wt. rods with WF9F line.  Rio Products's QuickShooter fly line with a weight forward floating design is ideal for redfish on the Florida flats.
August and September will provide many opportunities to try your fly fishing skill against a west coast Florida redfish.  

Clearwater fishing charter trip
Clearwater Bay Spotted Trout

Tampa Bay Florida Redfish
October Redfish near Clearwater
Florida Snook on fly rod
Small Snook on Epoxy Fly
Clearwater Beach Snook on the fly rod.

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